Resilient Off-Grid Solutions

Closed-loop power generation, storage and delivery microgrids for advanced applications

Energy Potential

We deploy tailored renewable energy installations for our private & public sector partners

Net Zero

Integrating a range of zero emissions distributed energy resources throughout your network of sites

Custom Installations

GXG | Centrum deploys distributed infrastructure systems to maximize environmental impact & financial savings.

The traditional, hierarchical organization of power will give way to lateral power organized nodally across society.

Jeremy Rifkin on Lateral Power

About Us

Legacy solutions to qualifying clients.

Centrum: noun, anatomy.
The solid central part of a vertebra, to which the arches and processes are attached.

A deep approach & a comprehensive adoption of cutting-edge Hard-Tech and Soft-Tech systems. And Rapid Mobilization.

By deploying a myriad of advanced power systems, we are able to incorporate our infrastructure with the site conditions and demand requirements for each installation.

Intelligent Microgrids

Solutions & Focus Areas

GXG | Centrum specializes in B2B power generation and management for advanced off-grid applications.

Data Centers

For Crypto Mining or traditional applications, you can count on the power quality of our microgrids for your most intricate systems.


Whether it is that beautifully natural beach cove, or the island getaway, our logistics function makes sure you get the clean air experience.


Some applications require a lot of energy, and some produce it as well. Our job is to deliver the power you need wherever you are.


Providing a resilient wall of power to sensitive facilities in the most remote locations. Mobile power & delivery options available.

Your Journey to Energy Independence Starts Here

Let us start with generation

Power Technologies

The configuration of power generation capacities to match both baseload as well as peaker demand is key.

Solar & Storage

The Perfect Peaker

The combination of photovoltaics and battery storage works wherever you are, is an excellent demand response tool, and is very affordable.

Fuel Cells

The Energy of the Future

Whether we can access gas grids or haul and store resources in tanks, fuel cells can work with natural gas, biogas and hydrogen – the future of electrification.


Natural Baseload

A stable natural resource, where available, makes an excellent baseload generator from dry stream or hot water wells, most prevalently through a Flash Steam Plant.

What is on your mind today?

A full suite of services await you. Contact us to learn about our proprietary devices, life cycle assessment, automation & cyber, or simply the ultimate outcome of how a resilient off-grid energy system can best serve your needs.

Personalized Solutions For Our Partners

Explore new electrification options, cost savings, optimized energy delivery and rapid dispatch capacities for your next project. Our Client Success Team is dedicated to understanding your needs, understanding any third party commitments, and discussing our role in your future growth.

GXG | Centrum deploys off-grid power generation and delivery installations for advanced applications.

GXG | Centrum is a member of GXG Energy Corporation.
GXG Energy is a first-to-market Smart Microgrid business
specializing in high impact renewable power aggregation.

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